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Hyruan ONE is a single-injection Hyaluronic Acid (HA) aka Sodium Hyaluronate treatment to replace diseased synovial fluid and to restore the visco-elasticity loss in the joints caused by osteoarthritis (OA).

Formulated using latest technology, Hyruan ONE is a bio-fermented, cross-linked, high HA concentration and high molecular weight (10 Million Dalton) HA injection indicated for the treatment of OA of knee, shoulder, ankle and hip.

Hyruan One product

Why Choose Hyruan ONE

Reduce Inflammation

  • Cytokine Actions
  • Prostaglandin Synthesis
  • Joint Inflammation

Reduce Joint Pain

  • PGE2 Synthesis
  • Bradykinin Level
  • Nociceptive Reaction
  • Joint Pain

Cartilage Protection

  • Proteoglycan Aggregates
  • TIMP* Activity
  • Chondrocyte Synthesis
  • Cartilage Degration
* TIMP: Tisue Inhibitor Metaloprotenase

Restore Joint Function

  • Endogenous Production of HA
  • Recovery of Function

Hyruan ONE - Mechanisms of Action

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