About PhilosMed

Who We Are

We are a medical device and healthcare product distributor certified by the Medical Device Authority (MDA), a division of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia.

Our ambitious and driven enterprise is formed by a team of passionate and dynamic people who have vast experience in the medical industry.

We understand our healthcare professionals’ and patients’ needs and expectations very well, therefore we provide the most innovative product solutions to meet market needs.

What We Do

Currently serving both the government and private healthcare sectors in Malaysia, our dedicated sales and marketing team introduces innovative products to our healthcare professionals and patients in the segments of orthopaedic, rheumatic and sports medicine with revolutionized solutions for musculoskeletal disorders.

Our Core Values


Infusing our integrity with honesty and promises


Committed to inspire others and doing what we love


Sharing values and collective effort with positive like minded


Strive to deliver outstanding service

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